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Soap masters since 1998

If something characterizes and distinguishes our brand, and therefore, the design of its products, it is the union of two key success factors: passion for a job well done and long experience. Both of these factors guarantee that desired global quality.

Another factor, the complementarity of facets, has been key to achieving a 100% natural product and 100% based on natural and biological principles that are unique in the international market.
Thus, the La Fabrica artigianale team not only feel true passion for their work, but are experts in both aspects of success: cosmetic vision and dermatological vision; in love and specialized in botany and medicinal plants. Our laboratory has more than 15 years of experience in the fields of cosmetic formulation, production work, design and image in cosmetics and international trade.

So many years are not understood if there is no real vocation for work .

This enthusiasm is one of the main keys to the quality of our products.
No less important than passion and experience, two other factors for our product to have become a attractive international novelty for its effectiveness and naturalness.

First of all: respect for people's health. is one of the maxims of our Laboratory. We have achieved a line of 100% truly natural products concentrated in active ingredients, and with a high cosmetic finish.
Secondly: scientific rigor. All our formulations are based on scientifically proven information, both in the functioning and problems of the skin, as well as in the various natural extracts that act to promote the correct health and beauty of the skin.

This is adds another determining factor: our LA FABRICA ARTIGIANALE products do not have water or volumizing agents, they are all concentrated extracts, which allows it to act comprehensively (with multiple improvement objectives) on the beauty and health of your skin.

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